The District, Goa
Nightlife in India is on a threshold of change.

Goa is where the good life is. And soon, it'll be where the class is, too. The city-state is set to become home to the largest nightlife venue in India - called The District. It's exciting, it's enthralling, it's bigger than you can imagine, and it's all happening as you read this.

Are you onboard?

The Vision

To capitalise on the image of Goa as the ultimate place to wind down, and to draw an eclectic yet classy crowd. To put Goa, hitherto only a national treasure, on the world's nightlife map, in line with the likes of Ibiza, Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro.

Despite being an extremely popular tourist destination, when it comes to high-end spots, there are precious few in Goa. But with The District, that is soon going to change. This place will fill a void in the current scenario and will raise the bar on everything that the people have known thus far.


The Location

North Goa, is the ideal location for The District. The best spas, the most high-end hotels and all the glitz of the high life - it's all present here. The District, with its promise of exclusive 'good times', will fit right in. In addition, it's also popular as the location of one of the most well-known music festivals, another reason why it is the best possible location for The District. With a total constructed area of 1,00,000sft. spread across a combined land parcel of 8,000sqmtr., The District will be THE LARGEST nightlife space in all of India.

The biggest highlight of the destination is its proximity to the sea. The entire construction will be less than 100m. from the water. But make no mistake - these are not shacks.

The District is a highbrow, completely air-conditioned space with a sophisticated design and superior facilities that will appeal to the upper echelons of society.

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